Desert Mandala Machine, 2014. Dimensions: 3' x 5' x 2'. Medium density fiberboard, sand.
Desert Mandala Machine, top view.
Contrivance, 2014. Carved concrete.
Epsohedral Desert Shade Structure, 2014. Medium density fiberboard, black sand, gravel.
Aster (Desert Mandala Machine No. 2), 2014. Medium density fiberboard, sand.
Aster (Desert Mandala Machine No. 2), 2014 (top view). Medium density fiberboard, sand.
Teardrops, 2013. Bone-dry unfired stoneware (hollow)
Three sculptures from solo show "Inviolate," 2013. Polished purple and white porcelain, cotton rope, silk.
Pithos-inspired Vessel, 2015. Ceramic
Hex X, from Butterflicker, 2011
Pelt, from Butterflicker, 2011
Untitled, 2012. Clay on glass
GID (Golden Irregular Dodecahedron), 2011. Hollow porcelain bisqueware (on printed vellum)
Wifflepunk, 2012. Ceramic wiffle ball, pegboard, brick, rope, wall.
Monument, 2015. 30" x 40" digital print.
Untitled, 2014. Clay, Blackberry vine, wood.
Zibbidybeebra, 2011.
Untitled, 2013
Nipple Pins, 2012
Nonsombersaults, 2014. Site-specific installation
I don't carrot all, 2014. Site-specific installation
Jizo, 2008-present. 2.5" tall. Glazed stoneware.
Jizo, 2008-present. 2.5" tall. Polished porcelain.
Jizo, 2008-present. 2.5" tall. Polished porcelain.

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